1. First of all, we need to do these steps on your every iPod
  2. If you have old version of ouf FFSapp then please uninstall your old FFS app on your iPod
  3. Please install TestFlight application in AppStore

  4. After you installed TestFlight application then please open that URL in your iPod https://testflight.apple.com/join/Zy1qPhv1
  5. It will open a website same as below
  6. Please click OPEN button to open our application install page in your TestFlight
  7. It will open our FFS app install page. If you can't see this page then it's mean your TestFlight app couldn't installed. Please check it again.
  8. Please click INSTALL button to install our app
  9. When it finished then you will see OPEN button and you can start our application. Also, you will see our FFS application in your iPod menu
  10. After your FFS app installed please open it in your iPod app menu.
  11. Only for the one time, FFS app will ask you email and password. Please enter one of your FFS portal email and password. 
  12. Then you can use your PIN code every time you open FFS app
  13. Installation is done and FFS app is ready.